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Thanks for visiting my website-in-progress!  Since 1985, I have helped people organize and manage their information.  Below is a description of some of the services I provide.

Basically, I help people manage information.  We all have bits and pieces of information we deal with - customers, products, inventory. In general, it is people, things, and processes or activity.  And we often want to know something about those pieces:  How many widgets do I have?  When was the last time I saw customer X? Sometimes we want to automatically have things happen:  when the computer comes on or when I run this program, tell me which widgets expire this month.

This is what I help people do.  It usually consists of defining what information you work with, and how.  We put screens together for gathering your info on desktops and/or the web, make any processing happen, and create reports to get real knowledge from all the pieces. How much you want to know about the guts of your system is also a question - do you want to push "GO", and have the system do all your work for you, or do you want to know how to create ad hoc reports whenever you need something new?  I give you as much or as little training as you want.

Essentially, I create customized information tracking and reporting systems - contact and list management, sales tracking, order entry and similar systems.  Any kind of industry or business.  The techie info:  I create database systems in Fox, Access and Filemaker and use various other pieces of software and hardware to accomplish whatever is necessary.  I can help you make your database do what YOU want it to do!

I hope this has been interesting and helpful to you.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at Email me now! or 415 648-1926. Fax is 415 648-9455.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your database needs with you!

Audrey Cole


Read on if you want a few examples:

A utility company tracks all their boilers, when they were inspected last and when they need to be inspected again.  They print out permits for the vessels, and reports for their inspectors.

Another department of this company tracks fire safety inspections of their facilities, what recommendations were made, what follow up has been done and remains to be done.

In yet another department, late at night, I automatically download daily information for several stocks and indexes, put the data into their database, and have reports on their printer when they come in the next day.

An insurance company tracks how much commission is due, how much has been received and the difference between them. Reports can be printed out by age, producer, department or any variety of ways.

An aircraft remarketer sends holiday greeting cards to all their international contacts.

A non-profit literacy program tracks volunteers, what training they've had, what classes they help with, etc., as well as donor and program information.

A university takes money from their students and staff for tuition, etc., processes it and sends reports to accounting.

A corporation tracks training that it offers its employees - who takes what classes when.

A company tracks details about collateral materials they've gathered through the years - posters, tickets, flyers.  How many they have left, where they are, how much they're worth.

A corporation gets telecommunications details on several CDs each month.  I import all that data each month and prepare billing reports sliced and diced in various ways for several departments.

A law office generates labels for various selections of their contacts - any combination of customers, leads, associates, competition, in California or out, or just ad hoc.

A roofing contractor tracks leads, orders, completed and pending work.

Please contact me to find out more!  Email me now!. 415 648-1926. Fax is 415 648-9455.

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